Let your favorite counselor-authors do all of your planning and resource creation for you, so you can spend more time serving students! We hand-pick and post our favorite lessons, small group curriculum, activities, games, and templates. So, educators simply log into the membership, download a resource, and use it with students!

Whatever your student need is, whichever lesson topic you’d like to teach, and whichever group you’d like to implement, we’ve got you covered! All members, both monthly and yearly, gain instant access to our library of 150+ research-based resources. Feel free to use our searchable gallery page that helps you find the materials you need, when you need them (in 2 seconds or less!) Or, use our 2023-2024 curriculum page to follow along with our recommended lessons and topics organized for each month of the school year.

This membership is your “one-stop-shop for all things school counseling” by providing tips for success, blog post suggestions, and clickable libraries of our favorite books and videos that pair well with our resources. We also love to collaborate with our members through our Counselor Collab Community Facebook group!

YES! Each school year, members gain instant access to a TOTALLY NEW AND DIFFERENT LIBRARY OF RESOURCES! We change out our curriculum each year on August 1st so that members (and their students) get fresh materials each school year! 

This is what sets Counselor Collab apart from other school counseling memberships!

The monthly membership cost is $25/month. The yearly membership offers 2 months FREE at $250/year. Monthly members can try us out for 50% off your first month by entering the promo code halfoffcollab at checkout!

The yearly membership offers 2 months free! We also send a welcome postcard and laptop sticker to your home.

Our resources are designed primarily for K-5th graders. But, there are often lessons, activities, and games that work well with Pre-K and 6th graders, too!

Our membership is unique for many reasons!

  • We are one of the original memberships for school counselors, and are soon about to start our third year in business!
  • We offer resources from TWO of your favorite counselor-authors: Music City Counselor and Heart & Mind Teaching!
  • We offer a TOTALLY NEW AND DIFFERENT library of resources each school year! This ensures that you always have fresh, new, engaging materials to use with your students.
  • We present each year at the ASCA Conference! Stop by and say, “hey” to us!
  • We love our members and treat them like family! We do absolutely anything we can to help them.


We take care of all of the browsing, lesson planning, and content creation for you! Don’t worry about what you’ll be teaching, when…just download the resources from the membership, or browse our Book & Video Libraries, and you are ready to serve students!

Our curriculum is valued at over $450….aka big time savings for you! 🙂

Monthly members’ accounts renew each month on the same date that they originally purchased the membership. So, if they purchased the membership on March 10, 2024, their monthly membership will auto-renew (and their payment method will be charged) on the 10th of each month.

Yearly members’ accounts renew each year on the same date that they originally purchased the membership. So, if they purchased the membership on March 10, 2024, their yearly membership will auto-renew (and their payment method will be charged) on March 10, 2025.

We would hate to see you go, but if the membership isn’t the right fit for you, you can cancel any time! Please note that if you pay for the full year membership, we won’t be able to offer a refund on the yearly cost. But, you can cancel for the following year!

Yes, the membership is fully searchable! Members can type in the topic they are looking for in the search bar. Or they can filter our resources by grade level, RTI tier, topic, and resource type!

Laura and Ashley run a Facebook group called “Counselor Collab Community” where we answer questions, offer suggestions, and showcase the resources for each month. You can also collab there with other members to share ideas, success stories, and “do’s and don’ts”! You’ll also receive a couple of emails each month from Laura and Ashley with tips and suggestions on how to best use the resources!

Great news – we offer an exchange program! Just send us a copy of your receipt or a screenshot from “my purchases” on TpT. Then, choose resources of similar value from either of our stores. We’ll email them to you right away!

Although geared towards counselors, social workers, and school psychologists, the products included can be used by any educator or parent who values social-emotional learning.

Yes! We love when schools, districts, and PTOs fund Collab Memberships! Please fill out this form to use a purchase order and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Feel free to contact Laura and Ashley at LauraAshley@counselorcollab.com any time with questions.  We are here to help and support you!

Between Laura and Ashley, we have over 500 engaging resources covering all 3 tiers of intervention! You can check out some of our product samples in the photos below!