Actual Conversation between Laura & Ashley

How can we get our resources into the hands of more counselors, so they have more time to serve students?

What is we start a membership together?


YES! We would be the DREAM TEAM!

Let’s COLLAB and get this thing started!


B.A. in Psychology & Spanish from James Madison University

M.Ed. in Human Development Counseling from Vanderbilt University

Elementary School Counselor K-5

Bilingual in English and Spanish

6 years experience Curriculum Writer & Blogger

Hey y’all it’s Laura from Music City Counselor! I am so excited about this new way to COLLAB with you!

I am an Elementary School Counselor turned Curriculum Writer and mommy to two little boys. At my school in Nashville, TN, 97% of my students were living in poverty and 80% of them spoke a language other than English at home. I am bilingual and loved using my Spanish skills on a daily basis with my students and their families.  It was one of the greatest joys of my life to work with this special population who taught me each and every day why school counseling, SEL, and mental health MATTER.

Through my work with students, I grew a passion for creating engaging, interactive, and meaningful SEL and counseling lessons, activities, and resources.  It makes my heart soar to know that my resources are helping and supporting students every day around the world, and saving educators’ valuable time!

Ashley and I met several years ago and bonded instantly over our shared love for school counseling, curriculum writing, and “momming” 2 young boys.  We truly believe we are a “dream team” who can make school counseling less stressful, more student-focused, and more FUN!

I can’t wait to COLLAB with you!


B.A. in Psychology from University of Miami

M.Ed. in School Counseling from Florida International University

Elementary School Counselor K-8

Former Pre-K Teacher

6 years experience Curriculum Writer & Blogger

Hi there, my name is Ashley from Heart and Mind Teaching, and I am so happy to be your new Counselor BFF and COLLAB with you!

I am an Elementary School Counselor from South Florida, and now a North Carolina transplant. I am currently on a leave of absence to take care of my two toddler boys.  Along with my Mommy hat, I am also a Curriculum Writer and Blogger. At all of my previous schools, I had a caseload of over 1000 students. In order to reach as many students as I could, I created meaningful lessons that could be done in a short period of time and have a positive impact on students. I love working with kids and finding new and fun ways to engage and interact with them. I am very passionate about the importance of School Counselors, mental health, and SEL in schools.

I call Laura my twin because our lives are often parallel. We both are Counselors who love the littles, have 2 toddler boys, our husbands are Tesla lovers, we love dogs, love farmhouse decor, and have very similar design styles.  We COLLAB every day, and know the importance of feeling that support. We want to share that with others! So, we decided to team up to make counselors’ lives easier with fun and engaging resources delivered to their inbox every month! No need to search for what you need, it’s delivered right to you. Just print and go!

Let’s COLLAB and make your job easier!